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hangover recovery

Beverage serial enterpreneur Said Chedraui was diagnosed with a liver condition which by default caused him heavy hangovers even if he drank only 2 beers. His interest for this universal problem increased and eventually became obsessed to fix this problem- in 2017 he powered up his laser focus entrepreneurial skills and embarked on a 1-month journey across the world. His goal to test the best traditional Hangover Remedies out there, research obsessively about the science behind it, and eventually develop an improved Hangover remedy that would actually do the work!

On a "Testing" day he drank more than enough 'Soju' (Korean liquor) and decided to put "Hangover Dulcis" to the test a Japanese tree known in Korea for its powerful antioxidant Dihydromyricetin (DHM), which accelerates the breakdown of toxins in the liver released when drinking alcohol, and guess what? it literally felt like magic:Zero hangover the next day! This was groundbreaking discovery for someone who suffered from "kill me type-Hangovers" with 2 beers.

Pumped by these results, he then partnered with a state-of-the-art research Lab in Korea, tested pure DHM extraction with other super antioxidents, and took them over 1 year, an insane amount of hard work, plus $500K to actually finalize the perfect formula behind Hangover Recovery. And that's how this magical Drink came to be! Now available to everyone in 2019, Hangover Recovery™ can be purchased online through our website & Amzon, or in retailers such as 7-eleven, Walmart, Northgate Market, etc.

Now, our mission is to help people stay alive and productive the next day after celebration!

So tonight, you can go have fun with your new pocket-size wingman, and tomorrow keep LIVING LIFE!


NILO-The company behind HNGOVER RECOVERY™ and based California--is a premium brand focused on 100% natural Tropical Fruit drinks and was inspired by the "Nile River" which was the source of life to Ancient Egypt.

Said Chedraui-the founder, was born with coconuts around him in EI Salvador, and when tasted Coconut water brands out there he knew they were not using the best coconuts nor maturity, so he decided to create a brand that offers how the best coconut water can taste like, and went ahead with its first creation-NILO Pure Coconut Water with real coconut chunks- and it was a hit! Consumers loved it and in less than 4 months, this brand started gaining popularity in the west coast USA serving more than 3K retailers and rapidly became the #1 selling brand in all the retailers where had presence--like EI Super, Northgate Market,etc to mention a few--surpassing by far-left much bigger brand names like Vita Coco,Zico etc.

NILO has been growing at an impressively fast pace-100%+ per year, selling $5MM+ after the 2nd year,and eventually after a lot of hard work much bigger retailers came knocking on our door-like Walmart,Kroger, Costco, etc.-to mention a few; our plan is to keep growing and take our brand to the next level-worldside.

Now, we offer a wider variety of innovative drinks such as NILO Guanabana Juice, which is a super fruit from the tropic known for its Anti-Cancer properties and has become a huge hit in the market! Is now selling into 3,000+ retailers such as Food4Less, EI Super, Amazon , etc to mention a few.

We are constantly innovating to offer the best plant-based drinks mother nature can provide and strive on creating them with the best quality guarnteed- no artificial ingredients nor sweeteners- as mother nature intended.